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Fujian jianyang stone fluorine industry co., LTD
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Fujian jianyang stone fluorine industry co., LTD

  Mainly engaged in anhydrous hydrogen fluoride fluorine chemical products、Inorganic fluoride salt,And electrolytic fluorine series products production and sales,Fluorite mining is set、Fluorine chemical processing is a body comprehensive enterprise。The main products、Scale:Annual production of acid grade fluorspar powder5Ten thousand tons、Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride4Ten thousand tons、Reagent grade hydrofluoric acid2Ten thousand tons、Ammonium hydrogen fluoride(Ammonium fluoride)1Ten thousand tons、Fluorocarbon surfactant30Tons。
  The company was founded in2001Years10Month,2011Years4Month by sinochem blue sky group company controlling,Membership Yu Zhonghua group co., LTD;In order to adapt to the needs of enterprise development,2014Years12The decision of the board of directors of the company,Since the company2015Years1Month of China sinochem in the blue sky、Corporation holding company。......

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Fujian jianyang stone fluorine industry co., LTD