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 These days,According to some engaged in alloy structual trade operators in the sales feedback,This period of time,Machinery parts manufacturing enterprise procurement of cold heading steel,A...
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2014Years1Month8Day,I company for the first outlet opened in tongling big market34a1。Show that my company has manufacturing enterprises upgraded to active service for the customer the production manufacture enterprise。Welcome new and old customer presence。 Tongling city hong run electrical and mechanical co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as“The company”)Set up with2002Years,Main business scope is:General machinery and equipment manufacturing、The installation、Repair、Appliance repair,General machinery parts production(Processing)、Lifting equipment。2011Years11Received“Hi-tech enterprises“Certification。The company address:Tongling city in anhui province mountain lion phoenix mountain community。 The company fixed assets1000More than ten thousand yuan,Regular staff105People,Have electrician、Fitter、Riveter、Welder、Rigger、Turner、Millers、Planer、Work、The driller、The forging industry and so on various technologies ...
Contact information

Tongling city hong run electrical and mechanical co., LTD
Where it is:Icbc tongling xinqiao branches
Address:Tongling city lion mountain rocky mountain streets
Contacts:Shi-ping wang
Position:Chairman and general manager
A mobile phone:13856227328 13385627328
Zip code:244131


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